For the past 14 years, Dr. Shufelt’s Kids Triathlon has been operating in Peterborough.

This triathlon is a community-based and volunteer-led grassroots event, where volunteers come together to support and model physical activity as a critical part of  every day life.

The triathlon encourages kids to bike , swim in the lake, and run locally. The event also encourages kids to enjoy the great outdoors and appreciate our natural lakes and parks. 


Children from ages 3-11 learn the fundamentals of some of the best medicine available: swimming….biking….and running!! 250 kids participate in the event annually.


Whether the kids are on a tricycle or are in swimming with their water wing floaties, they are never too young to start getting active! Dr. Shufelt’s Kids Tri helps celebrate kids and parents making the choice to be physically active.

water wings.jpg

The Dr. Shufelt’s Kids Tri has raised over $35,000 for support of local charities in Peterborough & The Kawarthas.

This year, the Dr. Shufelt’s Kids Tri also incorporated some environmental and sustainability initiatives with the kids!

Here are a few ways the Dr. Shufelt’s Kids Tri has gone #green this year!

1.) Properly separated post-race snack waste , including clementine peels and banana peels and recyclables 


2.) Switched from plastic bag race-kits to reusable cloth bags!


3.) Encouraged reusable water bottles 


4.) Used corn-based take out cups for drinks

corn based cups.jpg

5.) Cleaned up all garbage/litter and left Beavermead Park “the way they found it”!  Hadley, an Earth Ranger, even cleaned up litter without being asked!


Thank you to the Dr. Shufelt’s Kids Tri volunteer team and sponsors who help make this event happen annually. Thank you for promoting the importance of healthy living, composting, recycling, getting outside, and keeping our parks & waters clean!