Planting a Maple, Spruce, Cedar or Oak is a tree-mendous way to tackle climate change.

Once again, we have partnered up with the Paddling Puppeteers to give away 75 Maple, Spruce, Cedar and Oak trees to people living in the City of Peterborough!!!!



Benefits of Trees:

  • Trees absorb carbon out of the atmosphere in the form of carbon dioxide; storing it in their roots trunks and branches.
  • Trees produce Oxygen as a by-product of this process
  • Trees help build up the soil which helps to prevent erosion
  • Trees act as a habitat for birds, insects and other animals
  • Trees are aesthetically pleasing and improve our overall well-being
  • Trees increase property values


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If you are interested in planting a tree to help regenerate the Earth, send us a Facebook message or e-mail us at — and then you can pick up your tree!

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