Random Acts of Green has a NEW challenge inspired by Earth Day (April 22nd)

Why celebrate the Earth only one day a year while Sun-day gets a day every week?

Earth Month Final-page-001

Looking for a challenge for your school, work or social organization?
Are YOU up for the challenge?   

For what it’s worth; it’s our Earth.

Citizens of Planet Earth are called to take on this 30 day challenge during the month of April (and beyond) to make changes in their habits to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Join us and Green it like you mean it.

This action-based challenge encourages you to consider your IMPACT on Earth across sectors including:

  • transportation
  • waste
  • food
  • water
  • energy

And more! 

All of the 30 Ways in 30 Days ideas have direct or related actions that you can log on the Random Acts of Green App.

You can earn #Green Points for each activity and redeem them for green products, services and experiences.

You can also gift these points to another if you want to Green it Forward.

How you can participate in the Random Acts of Green Earth Month Challenge:

  1. Download our new mobile app “Random Acts of Green” on iOs or Google Play
  2. Log, track and record your “Green Acts” on our app!
  3. Send us a photo/video of yourself doing one of the challenges via Email
  4. Use the hashtag #RandomActsofGreen and #30waysin30days to help us keep track
  5. The more “Acts of Green” you complete, the more Green Points you earn!
  6. Redeem your “Green Points” for products, services and experiences or ‘Gift’ them for someone else to enjoy.  Check out our App Store  to see what goodies are there!

What on Earth are you doing for Earth Day?

Take on this challenge and dare to be a Force for Nature!