Want to learn about environmental research in just 3 minutes? Attend the 3 Minute Thesis Competition at Trent University

Oftentimes, researchers and academics face a BIG problem…

How to talk to the public effectively about complex topics!

A range of topics, like gender inequality, climate change, technology, and immigration, all require carefully planned research projects with complex results.

Sometimes, highly specialized research contains unnecessary jargon that confuses the take-home messages …which makes it difficult for a general audience to understand. 

However, on March 26th 2019, Trent University is hosting the annual Three Minute Thesis Competition to help overcome this miscommunication problem.

Trent University graduate students are being challenged to explain their research in JUST THREE MINUTES, using only ONE Power Point Slide!

For researchers in the Environmental Resources and Life Sciences & Masters of Arts in Sustainability Studies students at Trent University conducting complex environmental projects – this is certainly no easy task – but one worth taking to help ensure the public is well-informed about pressing climate issues.

Various scholars will present their research topics.

You’ll leave knowing more about all sorts of interesting topics – including complex environmental work.

In a day and age where social media dominates our communications world, it is increasingly important for academics to be able to synthesize key take home messages for the public to understand succinctly.

Ensuring the public receives research-based and factual information is becoming more  important to help us sort through the noise and educate everyone about the pressing issues of our time— including climate change.

Come out to the event on March 26th at Market Hall from 7-9PM to learn & meet various scholars from Trent University conducting research in various fields.

You will learn more than you think!



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