This week, we had a chance to visit St. John’s Retirement Centre in Peterborough, Ontario!

Although there is a saying “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” – this simply isn’t true when it comes to climate action!

Some of these folks have great, great grandchildren. 

They are acutely aware of the impacts climate change will have on their families for years to come.

The group at St. John’s Retirement Centre want to do their part to make sure the world they leave behind is in good condition.


A group of engaged seniors noticed a big problem with how recycling streams in their building were sorted.

From glass, paper, cardboard, and cans ending up in the trash or in the wrong recycling bin, we were invited to give a talk about both new & old ways to get seniors involved with reducing waste.

We discussed many Green Act ideas, such as:

  • Zero-waste ideas
  • Plastic-free swaps
  • Improving recycling on site

This group of seniors wants to fight to eliminate Styrofoam Containers, increase the use of reusable containers for take-out meals in the kitchen, and enforce better recycling on site.

They were curious to listen to new ideas to reduce their carbon emissions.

In particular, the group began to think harder about recycling.

After placing proper labels on the bins and providing educational programs, it seemed the residents still weren’t following the rules.

We had a large discussion about the importance of REFUSING waste, including single-use plastics, and reducing the amount of waste that is created in the first place.

Although there seems to be an outcry from younger generations to combat climate change, we can’t forget to give older populations credit for their involvement.

In order to make meaningful changes, we need to involve both young and old.

We are stronger together.

Thank you to Peterborough Mitsubishi, our official vehicle sponsor, for your sponsorship of this story and our visit to the St. John’s Retirement Centre in Peterborough, Ontario.