Plastic-Free Peterborough – Reusable Bag Giveaway

Plastic-Free Peterborough is a local network of people committed to sharing ideas for reducing waste.


The group is at the Peterborough Regional Farmer’s Market on a monthly basis.

They help raise awareness and share ideas about living plastic-free.

They advocate for REFUSING plastic instead of RECYCLING!


Plastic recycling is often deported from Canada and is often dumped, burned, or buried.

All plastic is eventually destined for the landfill, because it degrades during the process of recycling – therefore, it is made into non-recyclable products. 

On Saturday February 9th, they gave away FREE reusable fabric produce bags that volunteers made.


They believe the best way to create change is to start with an “Act of Kindness”.

They provided people with the tools they need to make an immediate change in their daily lives.

Thank you ladies – you are an inspiration!!