Gliding Shelf Solution’s Top Tips for Organized Home Waste Management

Labelling your recycling and garbage bins helps you, your family and your guests reduce waste and contamination!
Keeping your kitchen, bathroom and cupboards organized with Gliding Shelf Solutions allows you to see what you have on hand, which helps prevent buying more of what you already have!
Having an organized living space is a great way to help reduce waste. It also keeps it properly separated!

gliding shelf

Here are Gliding Shelf’s Top Tips for Effective, Organized Home Waste Management:
  • Colour code your bins: keep signage for garbage containers one colour, recycling another and food waste another (according to your municipality’s waste program)
  • Keep signs at eye level, or easily seen
  • Include images on your signs of examples of what can be included
  • Include images of what can NOT be included
  • Have Gliding Shelves installed into your cupboards to make sure it is convenient to recycle your waste

gliding shelf2

The easier and more organized it is, the more you are likely to do it!
Do you already use a labelling system?
Visit Gliding Shelf Solutions to see how they can help you organize your home and simplify your life!

Are you interested in becoming a Green Act Member? Click here for more information.


1 thought on “Gliding Shelf Solution’s Top Tips for Organized Home Waste Management

  1. I once built a kitchen based on these pull-outs. They are more expensive to build, require more attachments and are more awkward to use. You have doors that must be wide open before you pull out the shelves; otherwise the doors will get scratched by the hardware. Instead of only having runners as you would with a drawer, you also need door hinges; more expense. My next kitchen had a variety of sizes of drawers only: visibility is just as good and allows for better use of space. It is very attractive looking as well.


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