Have you ever wondered what it’s like to own a greener vehicle?

Wonder no more……

Lynda & Stan, a retired Peterborough couple, have decided to take the electric car plunge!!!

Having met on a blind date years ago….

This electric  love story has been super charged with green vehicles!

Both live on the outskirts of Peterborough, with their lovely dog, Blossom.


Stan, 74, a retired GE worker, was looking for an efficient way to drive to and from the city of Peterborough.

“90% of the time, we are just driving back and forth from the city to run errands. We thought to ourselves – Well – there has just got to be a better way to travel. We could save gas and reduce emissions, travelling back and forth , back and forth”, Stan said.

Lynda is a retired teacher and she has owned the 100% electric Mitsubishi I-MiEV for 3 years – and tells us that she has had no issues with driving to and from town.

“You know , sometimes we play with how far the car can go. Like, if we are going into town and lose about half the charge, then we think : no problem , we will turn around! Truthfully, it is not a big deal! It is just like being close to empty on gas. You go fill up when you’re close to empty….So in this case, you just charge up.”

And, as an added perk, the Mitsubishi I-MiEV even gives Lynda a bit of fame. Lynda told us more:

“One time, we were stopped by a father and his children. I was about to back up and they were just standing there, watching the car in awe. The father said ‘Sorry, I just wanted my kids to hear how quiet the car was!’ ”


Lynda & Stan also told us how happy they were with how much money they’ve saved. There has been absolutely no maintenance required on the I-MiEV – no gas, no oil changes, nothing – not even a tail pipe!

Recently, after the couple experienced the cost savings & environmental benefits of the Mitsubishi I-MiEV – they entered the market for another vehicle – and stumbled upon the Mitsubishi PHEV Outlander!


“A hybrid car is a perfect option for someone who has just one car. Everyone, all our family and friends, they just want to try it out. When people hear we have a hybrid or electric car, they are anxious to take it for a test drive and are surprised by how fun it is to drive. It is a smooth and lovely drive, and DOES IT EVER have good gas mileage! For the value you get with the Outlander, $50,000 is pretty cheap – trust us, you won’t regret it – it comes with many benefits!”

Sometimes, people wonder if it is a hastle to charge the vehicles.

It is a common question that Lynda & Stan are used to answering.

“People are often shocked when we tell them that we have never once charged at a charging station. We use the outlets , right here in our home and have never noticed an increase in utilities!



This green power couple also told us that Mitsubishi is the best service when compared to other car dealerships.

“When we came to the dealership, they took us for a test drive right away. The staff is ready to answer our questions and are by far the friendliest sales people. They believe in their products and want to help their customers make the right choice.”

People are reluctant to switch to green vehicles or new technology unless they have heard how well it has worked for people who already made the change. Take Lynda & Stan’s word for it – they are happy and satisfied with both of their green cars!

Thank you Stan & Lynda for sharing with us this story and being early adopters of green cars!