I was raised by environmentalist parents, so making green choices has always come naturally to me.

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 My husband, however, grew up in a household that didn’t give any thought to being environmentally friendly. They didn’t recycle or compost – everything went into the trash. Being green was never on his radar!

At the beginning of our marriage, 8 years ago, I remember getting upset when my husband bought a bottle of water(a PLASTIC bottle of water!). I’d politely ask him not to – but he would anyway. He didn’t see it as a problem. 

Eventually I resolved to just let him do what he wanted to do. It was his life and his journey and I’d just try to lead by example. Unfortunately, the opposite happened. I started letting go of my green habits. I’d forget to bring my cloth bags to the grocery store – and tell myself “It’s not the end of the world.” 


But one year ago, when I started working with Random Acts of Green, I suddenly had GREEN in my face every day!

I couldn’t hide from it or justify my actions any longer. I decided to make the effort to go green again – and this time to find as many ways as I could.

I started reminding my husband to use reusable bags at the shops and to stop idling the car. It was a challenge for him, but over time, new habits formed.


After #worldenvironmentday this past June I announced that I wanted to try refusing single use plastic.

To my amazement, my husband agreed and wanted to be a part of it.

It was like the light turned on. He suddenly wanted to do everything he could to be kinder to our planet.

He excitedly explains to every store we go that “We’re trying to use less plastic, can you please use this container instead?” 


I feel even more connected to him now that we have decided to embark this journey together of refusing single use plastic. And we’re having so much fun with it! We brainstorm ideas together about how we can reduce the amount of plastic we bring into our home.

He told me the other day “It feels so good to be part of the solution.” 

If you have a partner, friend or housemate that isn’t green – don’t give up.

Keep on leading by example.

Keep talking about it.

You never know – they might just come around!

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