reggie's logo1. Reggie’s HotGrill serves Local Butcher Beef, Hand Packed Burgers and Fresh Cut Fries. Burgers made fresh in house daily, cooked to order. Family Owned and Operated By Carolyn & Steve.



Way to go Reggie’s Hot Grill by Red Wagon for reducing your “side-of-fries” packaging! Reducing is ALWAYS better than reusing or even recycling.


2. Swish Maintenance Limited strives to be the best in the sanitation and maintenance industry, and to be recognized as such by our customers, employees, and suppliers.


Swish Clean & Green bowl cleaner is ECOLOGO certified and derived from natural and renewable sources such as coconut, corn and palm kernel! ‘We pride ourselves in the solutions that are sustainable, yet effective, so our customers can achieve both their environmental and productivity goals’, shared Daniel with #RandomActsofGreen.

Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 12.42.35 PM3. Nurse Scrap Metal buys all grades of scrap, electronics, e-waste, metals, copper, aluminum, and more.



The lights on the box behind our employee Amanda, and all the decorations in the office are recycled and repaired from the ones they purchase as scrap! Give your Christmas lights new life at Nurse Scrap Metal!

garden of eden4. Garden of Eden Reusables is your home for quality, hand-made reusable cloth menstrual pads, incontinence pads, and cloth diapers.


At Garden of Eden we #gogreen every day, all the time! The fabrics we use are all natural and often even organic & made in Canada. Everything we make is meant to last for years, not just one single use. We have very little waste material, making the most of all those awesome patterns. What waste fabric we DO have can easily be transformed into things like stuffing for dog beds, floor cushions, or other useful objects.

peterborough com savings5. Peterborough Community Savings has been been improving the quality of life for their members since 1939 by helping them achieve their financial goals.


Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 2.20.55 PM6. Water Depot is Peterborough’s water treatment expert. They provide solutions to every water problem from hard water, Iron, disinfection and more.

water depot.png

“Looking for an environmentally friendly way to get rid of Iron & Sulphur from your well water? Water Depot has the solution!

Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 2.23.34 PM7. Cabinetree in Peterborough, Ontario has been creating fresh concepts in kitchen design for over 24 years. Whether it’s kitchens, vanities or anything in between they make everything right in their manufacturing facility.


We have taken 220 Litres of lacquer in colours we no longer require, which would have previously been sent to a chemical waste facility, and through a mixing process with paint primers, we have turned it into a beautiful high quality basecoat for future doors. Not only is reduce, reuse, recycle great for the environment, but it also saved us money in waste disposal fees and future material costs. We already had the paint and instead of throwing it out, we found a way to reuse it!

Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 2.27.04 PM8. Gliding Shelf Solutions: Canada’s largest and most experienced pull out shelf company.


gliding shelf

You can retro-fit your existing cabinets with custom pull-out shelving to accommodate recycling, compost and garbage bins, and make living green not only a priority but hassle free and easier to commit #RandomActsofGreen!

mcleods logo9. McLeod’s EcoWater is Canada’s Top EcoWater Dealer for water treatment; and has earned a Top 10 status worldwide for EcoWater.


From converting unused brine tanks into umbrella or wrapping paper containers to modifying old 5 gallon water jugs into mini-greenhouses for your spring plants, we love to see plastic diverted from landfills!

rocky ridge logo vector colour oct1210. Rocky Ridge Drinking Water is a full service water company supplying bottled water in the Peterborough, Ontario area. Locally owned and operated, with an honest and friendly staff, that cares about quality and service.


ocky ridge

Rocky Ridge donates their extra cap boxes instead of throwing them into their cardboard bin! We save money on the costs of recycling because we don’t have to dump the bin as often and others get clean, sturdy boxes that are JUST the right size for a person to carry.


wildrockcrest11. Wild Rock Outfitters is the destination for your self-propelled outdoor pursuits. Wild Rock is dedicated to helping you Go Out and Play!



wild rock.png

The closing industry has a large impact on our planet.
From production of plastic to harsh pollution from dyes and factories, it really takes a toll on the earth.As outdoor enthusiasts, we want to keep our playground in the best shape possible by carefully choosing what brands we sell at Wild Rock.

dbia_brant12. Brant Basics is a family run business since 1964 offering office supplies/furniture. With a 25,000 square foot head office in Downtown Peterborough, and a staff of 25 dedicated professionals, Brant delivers the best products/service at the best possible.


With a full-range of environmentally friendly products, Brant Basics is a great source of cleaning products, eco-friendly paper, recycled notepads, LED desk lamps, and even recycled pens.

Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 12.23.10 PM13. Revive Hair Lounge’s vision is to be the destination for people in Peterborough for quality hair service that cares for them and the earth.



Revive Hair Lounge recycles hair clippings (which are turned into “booms” that help clean up oil spills!), colour tubes, chemical laden foils, colour by-products, paper and plastics. The salon has fully transitioned to holistic and plant – based products which staff and clients love!

griffin's greenhouses14. Griffin’s Greenhouses is a family business celebrating 40 years as Peterborough’s Unique Garden Centre Destination.



Griffin’s Greenhouses grows thousands of plants from seedling stage, starting them in March, and maintaining and growing them through April to eventually sell in May and beyond.
This helps local gardeners create beautiful landscapes!

logo-the-gardener15. The Gardener is Peterborough’s premier landscape maintenance provider. No job is to big or small. We do it… you enjoy it!!




The Gardener has started to implement greener initiatives into their business, including installing a composter on-site, installing GPS touring & tracking to help minimize their distance travelled, enforcing a “lights out” strategy on-site, and switching to battery-packed trimmers that do not use fuel/oil. They have also reduced pesticide use for gardening and are looking for more alternatives.

Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 4.37.41 PM16. Simply Natural Canada makes all natural handcrafted soaps in small batches using olive, coconut and vegetable oils with coconut milk and/or beer.



Simply Natural Canada aims to be as eco-friendly as possible using organic products, brown recycled paper labels, milk and juice cartons repurposed as soap molds, spent grains in her Smithavens Brewing Company line of beer soap, and reusable mason jars for her natural deodorants and bath salts.

simply helpful17. Simply Helpful offers is a professional organizing and lifestyle managing. They are 100% focused on helping you live your best life.


Owning less stuff leads to a happier, more sustainable lifestyle – as there is a reduced need to consume additional resources and cause more things to be manufactured.
If you need help figuring out what to keep and what to part with (and where it should go) Simply Helpful can help!

ptbo mits18. In the heart of the Kawartha’s, Peterborough Mitsubishi has a selection of new and preowned Mitsubishi’s and a fully staffed service department.



A big #green thank you to Peterborough Mitsubishi for sponsoring Day 3 of our Holiday Green Cheer Initiative: “Found Carpool Pals!”.
Andrew Major’s Grade 5/6 class from Prince of Wales Public School was happy to join us to promote carpooling in Peterborough with our new Mitsubishi Mirage!

trentu19. One of Canada’s top universities, Trent University was founded on the ideal of interactive learning that’s personal, purposeful and transformative and has been supporting environmental research and initiatives for over 50 years!

bob's watch repair20. Bob’s Watch Repair has been providing quality service for 49 years! They carry watches, pendants, necklaces, bracelets and earrings, as well as coloured gemstone, family and engagement rings. They also offer engraving, jewellery and watch repair services.



Bob’s Watch Repair has been providing quality service for 49 years! They carry watches, pendants, necklaces, bracelets and earrings, as well as coloured gemstone, family and engagement rings. They also offer engraving, jewellery and watch repair services.Bob’s Watch Repair has been providing quality service for 49 years! They carry watches, pendants, necklaces, bracelets and earrings, as well as coloured gemstone, family and engagement rings. They also offer engraving, jewellery and watch repair services.SaveSave