After driving around the fuel-efficient Mitsubishi Mirage for a few months, we have identified 5 Reasons we LOVE the Mirage.

1. Less greenhouse gas emissions – 

Fuel efficiency is really important because it presents a tremendous opportunity to lower fuel costs, reduce carbon pollution, and cut our dependence on oil. Whether it is more efficient engines, smarter transmissions, advanced materials, sleek aerodynamics, or electric-drive technologies, smart engineering can make vehicles more efficient and get more miles to the gallon.

2. Price of Car – Good on your Wallet

A fairly inexpensive car –  you still get many benefits, like seat- warmers  and a back up camera. Amazing value for the price, which starts at $12,448!


3. Car Mileage- You won’t have to make frequent stops to the gas station

We barely had to hit the gas station – which is both good for the wallet and good for our environment! The car uses 6 litres per 100 kms! To many consumers, gas mileage isn’t about saving fuel and cutting carbon emissions – but it is also about saving money! The Mitsubishi Mirage has high gas mileage for a small amount of money – making it a great vehicle!


4. Easy to park – doesn’t take up space in your garage

The car is super fun to drive , light, and easy on the eyes. It is a small compact car and can squeeze into parking places easily – and the small size makes backing up a breeze! The car even includes a colour back-up camera – what a treat!


5. Parking Perks

Some parking lots actually have spaces specifically designated for small cars.  This eases up finding parking and helps you get first dibs on spaces in some locations! This is just one of the many reasons to drive a small compact car, like the Mitsubishi Mirage.


6. Safety – everything you need for a safe ride

The Mirage is equipped with many safety features including : driver air bag, passenger air bag, front head air bag, rear head air bag, front side air bag, brake assist, electronic stability control and traction control.


It is important to consider alternatives to driving whenever possible, like  walking, carpooling, and biking. But, if you have to drive, consider a fuel-efficient car like the Mitsubishi Mirage or an electric or hybrid model! 

Please also consider reducing idling, cutting back on your speed, checking your tires, and trip-chaining wherever possible!

Visit: for more information. Thank you to Peterborough Mitsubishi for being the Official Vehicle Sponsor of Random Acts of Green!

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