Below freezing temperatures… brr, it sure is cold.

Here are some winter composting strategies!

There are measures you can take to protect your pile from the elements and keep it viable further into the winter months.

Here are some suggestions:

1. Build a roof. You have one over your head, why can’t your pile? Control external environmental factors by protecting your compost pile from unwanted precipitation!

2. Block it in. Place your composter in another structure to ensure it remains protected as much as possible from the cold. By building a protective barrier around your pile, it can help ensure heat keeps locked in – like a car in a garage

3. Lay down a tarp. Putting a tarp over your compost pile helps keep out unwanted precipitation and it helps contain the internal heat from the pile where you want it!

4. Make a bigger heap.  The bigger the better! Extend the longevity of your pile by making it bigger. If you can make a good-sized heap during the fall months, it will help the composting process to work longer into the winter season!

5. Shred it. Shredding the material in the pile to particles less than two inches in size can allow the pile to heat more uniformly. This can help insulate it from extreme outdoor temperatures

6. Dig a hole and bury it. Dig a trench in the garden or flowerbed and add organic waste like kitchen scraps little by little.  Another great way to beat the cold weather is by digging a 1 food deep hole anywhere in the yard and cover it with a board/bricks until it is full of organic waste!