Have you been to Revive Hair Lounge yet??

Revive Hair Lounge is located at 73 Hunter Street East.

They partner with Green Circle Salons to help divert salon waste from landfills and waterways!

The lounge recycles:

  • hair clippings (which are turned into “booms” that help clean up oil spills!)
  • colour tubes
  • chemical laden foils
  • colour by-products
  • paper/plastics

The lounge carries 100% holistic plant products and truly practices what they preach.

At Revive, the shelves are stocked with holistic products.

Here are some examples:

1.) Oneka

Looking for an environmentally friendly shampoo? Revive Hair Lounge carries Oneka products which are certified all-natural & organic shampoos/conditioners. Oneka products are derived from plants and wild-harvested boreal botanicals. Each product is made with organic ingredients, completely biodegradable and safe for your entire family. The shampoos and conditioners will leave you hair beautiful, hydrated, clean, and soft; without the use of harsh detergents, chemicals, synthetic fragrances or other additives.


2.) Natural Soaps

Revive Hair Lounge carries quality organic soaps handmade with wild crafted elder flowers infused in food quality, certified organic and coconut oils. The soaps leave you feeling soft and clean!


3.) O Way Products

Organic Way provides natural, biodynamic, organic formulation that offers real and concrete results. Many of the products help restore hair by softening and nourishing the hair fibres, making hair shiny and smooth. Products contain ingredients, like Ethical Murumuru, that help enhance hair proteins and repairs dry, brittle hair!


4.) Natural Deodarants

Revive Hair Lounge also carries all natural deodorant creams from Sweet Song Herbals. Sweet Song specializes in making herbal infusions of bioregional plants of the Eastern Woodlands in the form of teas, tinctures, elixirs, balms, syrups, vinegar, oils and creams, in addition to a small line of preservative-free face and body products. At Sweet Song, everything is hand made in small batches with the highest standards of care and integrity.


5.) Natural Sun Screen

Headed down south this winter? Why not try an all natural sun screen from Sweet Song Herbal? The sun screen will keep your skin safe from UV rays , without using toxic chemicals! This natural sun screen is available at Revive Hair Lounge. 


Visit their website: Revive Hair Lounge or visit them in store to shop for these products!

Revive Hair Lounge
73 Hunter Street East
Peterborough, Ontario

(705) 741-4162

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