We were invited to be the Marketing Expert  for the Junior Achievement Company Program at Thomas A. Stewart Secondary School (Happy 50th Anniversary!!!) today to meet with Blaine White’s Grade 10 class.


We were involved with the Junior Achievement Company Program, which introduces high school students to entrepreneurship and business!

We spoke to the students about:

  • entrepreneurship ;
  • strategic partnerships;
  • environmental marketing; and
  • electric cars!

It was an exciting class.


The kids were interested in many important questions about running your own business, like:

  • What provides you with the motivation to continue your business?
  • What challenges do you face?
  • How do you get over the fear of approaching companies?

We had a great discussion and were happy to share with them our experiences so far with working with various organizations in the Peterborough community.


We even showed the students our fully wrapped Peterborough Mitsubishi i-MiEV!

We shared with the students the benefits of driving a 100% electric vehicle in Peterborough – and how it has positively impacted our business!


We thank Blaine White’s Grade 10 class, Juniour Achiever’s, and Peterborough Mitsubishi for having us at Thomas A. Stewart Secondary School .


Until next time!!122