Trick or treat… or TRIVIA? Before dolling out the goodies to those blood thirsty little vampires and witches, ask them one of the following Climate Change Trivia! We’d love to see you being a “Green Keeper” instead of the “Grim Reaper!” Show us your photos from Hallowe’en by using the #HallowGreen hashtag on social media!

1. If you want to help the environment, should you walk, bike, or drive to school?

kid walkin to school

Answer: Walk or bike. Cars produce carbon dioxide which heats up our planet and is not good for the environment!

2. True or false: There is already one extinct species due to climate change.

bramble cay

Answer: True! The Bramble Cay Melomys, a small rodent that lived in Australia has not been seen since 2009. This is because they lived on a small island, and when the ocean levels rose quickly, it took away a most of their habitat. Many other species are endangered because of rising sea levels, like the Polar Bear. (The ocean levels are rising too fast because of our planet’s warmer temperatures. Ocean water expands when the atmosphere warms, the glaciers and sea ice melt and the and sea ice raises the ocean level.)

3. True or false: The amount of water that goes into making one hamburger is the same as 26 showers.


Answer: True! 1 lb of beef has a water footprint of 1800 gallons! Raising animals for meat is worse for the environment than all of the harm that comes from vehicles/transportation. If you want to help the environment, pick a veggie burger next time. 

4. What is it called when we put our fruit and vegetable scraps in the ground to decompose?


Answer: Composting. When we mix our food scraps with dirt, it turns back into a very rich dirt that’s useful in the garden! It’s much better for the environment to compost than to throw our food waste into the garbage.

5. How many straws are thrown out every day in the United States?

  1. 500
  2. 500,000
  3. 500 million


Answer: It’s C: 500 million! That’s a lot of straws! We only use straws once, but they take hundreds of years to break down. Many of them end up in the ocean which can harm animals and the ecosystem. Do you really need a straw? Probably not. The next time someone offers you a straw, just say “No thank you!” Or, you can buy a reusable straw!

6. How much of the food produced in Canada ends up in the garbage?

  1. 20%
  2. 40%
  3. 60%


Answer: B: 40%! Make sure you eat all your food, and what you can’t eat, compost! When food gets thrown in the garbage and ends up in the dump, it produces a gas called methane which warms up the earth’s atmosphere, and that’s not good!

7. True or false: When you charge your phone, tablet or computer, the electricity stops flowing after it is 100% charged.


Answer: FALSE! Electricity continues to flow even after your device is charged. Make sure you unplug your devices after they’ve been charged!

8. Is it better for the planet to bring your lunch to school in reusable containers, or in plastic baggies?


Answer: Reusable containers! Plastic bags will be thrown out and end up in the dump or the oceans which is very harmful to birds, fish and sea animals.

9. Who can name an environmental group or environmentalist that is trying to teach people about climate change?


Answers: Random Acts of Green, David Suzuki, Greenpeace, Rob Greenfield, Trash is for Tossers (and so many more!)

10. What’s something you are already doing to help the environment? What’s something new you can start doing today?

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