Good #green day, hola, bonjour and salut!!

Many of you may know me as “that green girl”.

I am here today to give you a snapshot of my 1 month experience driving a 100% electric car  — thank you Peterborough Mitsubishi!


The blue car, named “Eva” (from Wall-E the movie!!) is a “Mitsubishi-ImiEV”.


(^^ Do you see the resemblance?!) 

And let me tell you: she is an absolute TREAT to drive.

Though the car looks small, don’t be fooled!

The Mitsubishi i-MiEV can fit 5 people!

I took ALL of my friends one night to the movies.

We were cruising downtown Peterborough on George Street – and everyone was comfortable!

The Mitsubishi i-MiEV has trunk space that can transport larger items! I even packed it full to the brim with my HallowGreen promotion material for a festival I was involved in.


Here are the answers to the most popular questions I have been asked this month:

  • Where do you charge it?

Most people are in disbelief when I tell them that I actually charge the car overnight in my own backyard! This is a common myth that you need to have a charging station at your house – but I don’t! All I do is plug it in at a REGULAR household outlet and it will be fully charged when I wake up, just like my cell phone.

charging at home.jpg

(This is me in my backyard) ^^^
I have also discovered that In Peterborough, Ontario (where I live), there are NINE different charging stations. Two of them are within 3km from my house – including at Lansdowne Place Mall and the Memorial Centre. One morning I did my grocery shopping at the Farmer’s Market and left Eva there to charge – and she was ready to go when I was done.

  • How long does it take to charge?

The answer depends on which charging station you use…
Here is a little cheat sheet for you:

LEVEL  1 –Electric vehicles can be plugged in to a standard HOUSEHOLD OUTLET (110V, 15 amps) to charge!!!! Talk about convenient. It takes 8-20 hours to fully charge a vehicle at this level – just plug it in overnight, and you have a fully charged car in the morning!


(See! I told you! It is a REGULAR plug-in!)

LEVEL 2 – These charging stations are similar to a clothes dryer plug (240 volt system). In about 4-6 hours, your car is fully charged!


LEVEL 3 – These charging stations use a 480 volt system and can charge a vehicle to 80% full in just 30 minutes – which is 8 times faster than the level 2 chargers.

  • How far can it go?

Good question. The car goes about 100 KM – which, for me, is more than enough to get around the City of Peterborough. I would say this car is best suited in smaller cities and for people who don’t need to travel often to other cities. This car is great for shorter distance commutes. For me, I have used it to get to the grocery store, gym, and to my various meetings throughout the day.

  • Have you run out of batteries?

This question I find silly – have you ever run out of gas?! The answer is likely “no”. That’s because there is a monitor right on your dashboard that tells you how much charge you have left. Most people will pay attention and plan for this and charge it when it gets low on battery! Others have said that electric cars don’t go up hills – newsflash: this is a BUSTED myth, as Peterborough is hilly and I have never had a problem!

  • Does it feel different than a gas car?

Yes! It is a really fun car to drive. It is a smaller car and it goes FAST! Overall, the word I would use to describe it is SMOOTH. You can barely hear it when you turn it on – and I really feel less guilty turning it on to drive as I know it is not using gas and emitting emissions while I drive.

  • What is the FLO Card & FLO App?

The flow card provides information to electric vehicle drivers about nearby charging stations and reports on your recharging sessions. You can find out when charging stations are occupied and the app will email you notifications.

Here is an example of one of the reports I got from the FLO App: 


IMG_9669-7 (1)

  • Would you recommend this car to someone else?

Yes – absolutely !! But firstly I think people need to write a travel journal that helps them keep track of their daily/weekly/monthly travel patterns.  The car is definitely practical for getting around a city like Peterborough and for someone who travels 100 KM in and around town. Individuals interested in electric cars should look to see how much they actually drive!

Any other questions? Feel free to ask me! I would be happy to answer them 🙂