Most people have far too much clothing because:

  • They shop when they don’t really need anything
  • They go up and down in their clothing sizes
  • They shop when the seasons change
  • They want to keep with trends to make fashion statements
  • They want to feel confident in their clothing
  • They purchase items that are only worn for special occasions

Many people are victims of over purchasing clothing and end up struggling to organize everything they own!

Unfortunately, overflowing closets and stuffed drawers have big impacts on our environment – think of all the resources it takes to produce all those items!!!


Most drawers are filled with unworn articles such as t-shirts, shoes, jeans, blouses, pants, shoes, and jewelry.

To deal with this problem, Ali McKinnon, a resident in Peterborough for 3 years, took the time to take the Project 333 challenge. 

The project inspires individuals to reduce the amount of items and clothing in their wardrobes – to just 33 items!


Ali was inspired to take the challenge when she realized she was spending way too much time shopping for things she did not need!! Shopping was taking away time spent with her husband (Pat) and 4 children (Caleb, 19, Abby, 16, Garret, 13 and Jack,11) – she began to realize that it was out of control.


“It just snuck up on me. I am the type of person that doesn’t know she needs something until I see it – and then I want it. I was going into stores very often and recognizing that I didn’t need half of what I bought. I thought, you know what, if my house burned down, what would be most important to me? It’s my kids and my family – not what’s inside the house. I had to let go of some of these consumption habits because I don’t want to be stuck inside, organizing all of the clutter and then passing it down to my kids”.

After Ali took the plunge and reduced her wardrobe size, she says that she feels better.

When she opens her closet, she doesn’t have to fight with herself and feel guilty about what she thinks she should be fitting in to.

She also assures readers that she doesn’t suffer from “wardrobe malfunctions” – in fact, her life is made much simpler!

Ali says simplifying her wardrobe was one of the best things she has done for her and her family.

“All members of my family who are still living at home (my oldest had already moved out) have taken on Project 333 for themselves. My daughter Abby in particular has really been inspired to reduce all her belongings. She keeps and buys what she needs and a few select things that are precious to her. It has been a great bonding experience for us actually. My husband Pat is absolutely thrilled with the changes in our home and has fully embraced living with less, sometimes even challenging me! My two younger boys too have enjoyed how fast it is to tidy their room and closets with just the right amount of things that they actually need for living! It’s not all perfect, but a continued process we keep embracing! We just keep experimenting to see what we really need. It really has become a family affair and the household is a lot better for it!” 

It has allowed her to see the value of reducing other things in her life.

Ali says her family is definitely buying less and is asking more questions before they buy something.

She monitors what comes into the house so that she is not wasting time and money on things that don’t bring value to her life.

Ali is an inspiration because she learned to let go from things that were not important to her – she kept 33 items in her wardrobe and inspired her family to do the same.


She says that owning less is addicting and she encourages people to take charge and live with less wherever you can!

She promises it will help you regain control of what is important to you in your life!