With the start of a new school year, the new Trent University Student Centre will open it’s doors – and students will have more space to call their own!!

Exterior rendering of the student centre

The building provides a scenic lookout of the Otonabee River and incorporates an open-concept floor plan.

Constructing a new building often creates some negative environmental consequences, such as waste, soil pollution, biodiversity loss, and water contamination.

We were curious about the building’s “green” components, so we asked Trent University’s Project Manager  to answer a few questions.

We were delighted to learn that the Student Centre was designed using a technique called “design for the environment” which helps reduce or eliminate impacts to the surrounding environment.

Here are just 7 ways that the Trent University Student Centre took a sustainable building approach:

  1. The building was carefully designed to be energy-efficient. The building is designed to achieve 39% less C02 emissions than a typical building of its size and function.
  2. There is minimal parking available around the building to discourage driving to campus. 
  3. The building will have additional bicycle racks to help encourage cycling to and from campus.
  4. The building replaced a parking lot, helping to reduce Trent University’s heat island effect and the building made use of an existing paved area instead of taking over new green space!
  5. The building is positioned on the river to take advantage of “Passive Solar”, where sunlight entering the building can be used in the colder months and reduced in the summer months to keep it cool
  6. The building has almost 90-95% glass, which includes a “bird frit” pattern on the glass – went with a dot pattern to protect birds in flight to help them recognize that it is glass and that they can’t fly through it 
  7. The building has both daylight and occupancy sensors – where lights automatically turn off when individuals are not in the room to help save energy.

This 16 million dollar project was supported with a student levy  whereby 10.5 million of the building came from the Trent Central Student Association and the university provided the remainder.

The vast majority of the building is for student use, Trent Central Student Association offices, clubs and groups space, silent study , conversational spaces and 3 new lecture halls!

We are excited to promote the environmental considerations of the building and we look forward to learning more about the grand opening of the building in September!!

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