Stop throwing out old t-shirts. Here are 8 effective ways to use them around the house

Most of us have some old worn out t-shirts that even the thrift shop doesn’t want!

Should you throw them out? Absolutely not!

Here are our favourite #RandomActsofGreen to reuse old t-shirts around the house.

  1. Shopping bag(no sew!): You can never have too many reusable shopping bags, right? Here’s an Easy, No-Sew Tutorial on how to make your own out of an old sew tshirt tote bag.jpg
  2. Shag Rug: This would make an awesome project for a rainy day, especially with a young person who enjoys doing crafts. Shag Rug Tutorial here.shag rug.jpg
  3. Alphabet Bean Bags: This would be a great Do It Yourself gift for a special baby/toddler in your life. Click here for the Tutorial.bean bag.jpg
  4. Dog Toy: Dog toys can be expensive, especially when they get destroyed within a few days. Use your old t-shirts to make a toy your furry friend will love.DIY-dog-chew-toy-1.jpg
  5. Cleaning Rags: Just cut your t-shirts up into rags and start dusting!rags.jpg
  6. T-shirt Quilt: This T-shirt Quilt requires some sewing expertise, but it’s an awesome idea and would be a great gift for someone heading off to college. Alternatively you could try this No-Sew T-Shirt Blanket.quilt-last.jpg
  7. Throw Pillows: Whether it’s a sewing project, no-sew, or a pillow cover, there are plenty of ways to turn your old t-shirt into a pillow. Here’s a No Sew Tutorial, How to make a Pillow Cover and a Tutorial for making Sewn pillow.jpg
  8. Scarves: There are tons of ideas on how to make scarves out of old T-shirts. Here’s a cute Braided Scarf Tutorial and for This Simple Infinity Scarf you just need a T-shirt and scissors.scarf diyfuntips.jpg

Have you upcycled old t-shirts? Share your favourite ways with us by commenting below or showing us on Social Media by including the hashtags #upcycledtees #Randomactsofgreen.


4 thoughts on “Stop throwing out old t-shirts. Here are 8 effective ways to use them around the house

  1. WOW! These are great ideas. I like to upcycle shirts too but I haven’t seen some of these ideas! They’re all great!


  2. Superb!! 🙂

    Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.


  3. Superb!! I really enjoyed to read your blog. The t-shirt is always changed with new trends. It suits everyone personality and makes them a professional and stylish. You make printing t-shirts as a personalized gift. I also love printing t-shirts. We can customize our apparels with new designs and images.


  4. Good ideas for old tee shirts. I was just ripping them up and using them for rags!


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