The plastic red solo cup is a staple at house parties all year round.


The cup’s chemical bond makes it very  durable and is resistant to decomposing.

Over many years, the cup breaks down into small pieces, which releases toxic chemicals into our environment.

Last night, Peterborough resident, Tracey Condon, hosted a surprise birthday party for her significant other, Adam Deemert! 
She encouraged her friends to reduce the use of red solo plastic cups. 
She challenged her guests to bring their own creative reusable containers…
Check out what silly things people at the party drank from:
This helped spark conservation at the party —
And helped reduce waste!
Bring your own beer (BYOB) might just have a new catchphrase –
Bring your own cup!
We think they are on to something #green.
Well done guys – and Happy Birthday Adam!
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