Peter Maracelli and Jennifer  had a #green story to tell us!

They teamed up to build their sustainable dream home – complete with 18   250 Watt solar panels mounted in their backyard. The couple built the system themselves – and said it is relatively cheap and easy to do it!

The 4.5 Kilowatt system is 30ft X 10 ft – and Peter assures us that “YES IT CAN!!!!” power your hair dryer, toaster, clothes dryer, and keep you warm and cozy during the winter months.


The couple has not had a hydro bill in 3 years!!

Up front, they paid  $21,000 all in and will see a return in 5-7 years – and the solar panels are guaranteed for 25 years- that is 25 years of free power!!


Peter says that after he did the math and the research that it was a no brainer to install the system. 

“If you are skeptical about the price, I always say that you can pay your hydro bill every month, or you can buy the system and pay yourself!”


He tells us that at first they had a lot of questions, and were skeptical like most people – but that it is totally doable for anyone. He says that the technology is getting better – and the cost is coming down. He says:

“At first it was a selfish decision to save money, but now we have become very conscious about the environment. The idea of going off grid made us realize that what we are doing here is leaving a very small footprint . It is something that we are proud of , and it is very liberating not to rely on outside hydro to live.”

Peter and Jennifer don’t live ANY differently than an average city-home.

They have also installed a stone masonry to heat their home and it also acts as their oven, as well.

IMG_4272-2 (1).JPG

The home is also insulated with newspaper!!

Way to go to this beautiful couple and their equally beautiful home. Thanks for helping debunk the myth that being off the grid is too hard – it is totally doable if you plan, research, and do the math 🙂



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