Imagine stumbling upon a super microorganism that can thrive in harsh environments, clean up toxic substances, purify water, provide natural proteins, oils, and fibres… all while replacing large-scale production processes that harm our environment? Now imagine a process that would allow you to apply these capabilities at an industrial scale.

It all sounds too good to be true…………..


Adam Noble, cofounder Andressa Lacerda, and the Noblegen team have done just that!

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They have developed  a unique one-of-a-kind proprietary process, called “directed expression” that can take a special microorganism, called Euglena , and groom them to create a variety of bioproducts that serve various functions.

This “directed expression” process can be compared to a coach training an Olympic athlete to win gold medals …in various sports!

Just like a coach will provide the right diet, exercise, strength, and training for athletes, the innovative Noblegen process provides the right conditioning the microorganism needs to suit specific needs.

On a more specific level, the organism can be conditioned  to produce specific proteins,oils, and fibres which can come to replace animal-based and soy-based products.

Noblegen’s unique bioproducts can be used in a wide range of sectors – from food and beverage ingredients to cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and have developed unique processes to treat wastewater.


Perhaps this can completely transform some of the largest global industries.

So far, Noblegen has the capacity to mass produce these microorganisms on a global scale.

The purpose of this biotechnology is to replace existing unsustainable ingredients and processes with sustainable ones – which can sharply reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

NobleGen has a mission to create a healthier relationship between people and the planet using innovative biotechnology processes.

And it is all happening, right here in Peterborough and the Kawarthas!!

A brand new research and innovation park, called the Trent Research and Innovation Park (TRIP) is being built at Trent University where innovative #green technology companies will be located.  To mitigate environmental damages from the construction of the facility, 3 trees are being planted for every one tree that is cut down to build the facility.


One of the primary objectives of the TRIP is to become Canada’s leading #green technology research and innovation site!

A variety of organizations will be located at the new facility, including environmental services, clean technologies, and  sustainable agriculture based businesses.

With support from the City of Peterborough, this area will extend research opportunities for #green technology.

Noblegen is providing high paying jobs for the city and is truly spearheading economic growth and development in the Peterborough region.

Congratulations to this amazing partnership and well done to the Noblegen team!