Sustainable Peterborough is a community based, regional partnership that is made up of of community groups, residents, businesses, local governments and First Nations communities.
Last night, Sustainable Peterborough hosted the 2nd Annual Sustainable Peterborough Awards to recognize, endorse and celebrate sustainable accomplishments and #green initiatives in the community.
The evening started with networking to kick-off the accomplishments and cooperation of over 136 community partners.
The event was well attended by community partners and the general public!
Ken Doherty, the past chairman of Sustainable Peterborough mentioned how Peterborough has set a high bar for community initiatives and was excited to be a part of the event to “marvel at the accomplishments” taking place.
Keynote speaker, Gord Miller, who was the previous environmental commissioner in Ontario, gave a positive and informative talk about the state of our planet.
He said “Although there is a lot of work to be done about climate change, it does’t mean we need to be discouraged. We are on a positive path.” 
Here are the 11 organizations that were recognized last night!
  1. Farms at Work received the local food award for various pollinator projects. 
  2. Trent University received the “climate change” award for their new energy-retrofit program! Well done!
  3. Lang Pioneer Village took home the “cultural assets” award for a new video project showcasing the settlment period in Peterborough County.
  4. Kawartha Local was awarded the Economic Development and Employment award for their unique sustainable boxes filled with local treasures!
  5. Mortlock Construction and Lett Architects built a NEW Leed Gold building!! Excellent work!
  6. Seeds of Change was awarded the “healthy community” award for various food-related initiatives, such as providing free community meals. 
  7. Otonabee-South Monaghan Township was awarded the “land-use planning” award for their new solar policy! 
  8. Otonabee Conservation, Siemens Canada Ltd. and the City of Peterborough were awarded the “natural assets” award for a joint-venture native tree planting project 
  9. Fleming College Student Administrative Council was awarded the “transportation award” for expanding their transit service and for their brand new bike loan program. 
  10.  Belmont Lake Brewery took home the “waste management” award for their impressive efforts to minimize the amount of waste they produce.
  11.  GreenUp was awarded the “water” award for their depave project , which turned asphalt into a green space! 
The event was a GREAT reminder that we are all in this together – and that big things can be achieved when our community works together and when individuals and organizations become more involved in opportunities to make change.
The event spoke volumes to the abilities of our local community and how Peterborough is leading the way to dealing with and adapting to climate change.