Kenner Collegiate & Vocational Institute is heading to the Provincial Envirothon Competition!!

For the first time ever, the Peterborough/Kawartha/Northumberland Region put together a local Envirothon event.

Last week, the Envirothon Awards were given out at Fleming College, Sutherland Campus. 


The high school students learned critical knowledge about our natural environment by participating in a number of workshops.

They had the unique opportunity to apply their skills to various situations including aquatics, wildlife, forestry and soil.

They were tested on their skills, knowledge and application. 6 groups of 5 students competed for a chance for a spot in the provincial competition!

The 1st place team this year was from Kenner Collegiate & Vocational Institute!!!

The winners explained their experience to us.

They told us all about their learning.

Each student walked away with valuable environmental knowledge – and developed a new sense of appreciation and understanding for what it takes to become the next generation of environmental leaders.


Environmental awareness and education plays a huge role in fostering new and more sustainable ways to live, work, and play – and is one of the key themes in the Greater Peterborough Climate Change action plan.

Although climate change is a large and complex problem, the role of our local high school students in promoting environmental conservation and preservation is important.

Congratulations to the winners and we wish you good luck at the next level.


All of you have made us proud!!



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