Meet Pat Jilesen, a professional landscape photographer in Peterborough Ontario!

He is participating in the Spark Photo Festival this year and his photos are being showcased for the month of April.

You can meet Pat at Remax Peterborough for his showing on Saturday April 14th, 2018. 


The Spark Photo Festival celebrates photography, artists, dreamers, innovators, storytellers and enthusiasts behind the camera lens through the month of April throughout Peterborough & the Kawarthas.

One of the reasons why we love Pat SO much (and chose him to feature!) is because of his dedication to capturing the natural beauty of our environment and documenting it online.

Pat focuses on landscape photography.


He is often up at obscure hours of the day – (like, ahem, 3am!!!) – to capture most of the photos, at what is known by photographers as the “Golden Hour”.

He captures parks, wildernesses areas, and urban green spaces.

Pat says there is nothing he loves more than exploring new areas and photographing them to share with people!!

IMG_7168-1- 1.JPG

He tells us that: “One of my goals is for people to see my photos and see these places, so that other people actually want to go out to visit and explore them

Nature, according to Pat, is better than therapy (and we agree!! 😉 )

It helps people relax and leverage our intrinsic connection to nature.


This is known as “BIOPHILIA” – which is the theory that humans possess a tendency to seek connections with nature and other forms of life.

Did you know that nature photography is proven to trigger biophilia?!?!

Pat does such an outstanding job of connecting people to nature and our environment through his photography … and we thank him for capturing all of these unique #green places!!!


We thank him for his time, dedication, and of course, his #green eye.

He has committed so much of his time and resources and we could not be more grateful for his devotion in being involved in Random Acts of Green.

He is also incredibly talented and we love his work.

Thanks Pat for working so hard to capture these special places and moments in nature and for helping connect people to nature through you photographs!!


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