The snow has melted, and we’re starting to get ready for spring.

Unfortunately, the melted snow is revealing a lot of litter.


So Jessica Lenters, a Trent University student planned a litter clean up.

Her and a few other students, including Michael Jenkins, Olivia Austen, Kate Clarer, Victoria Pond,  and Kristen Sullivan also pitched in, as well as Trent University Environmental Psychology professor, Dr. Lisa Nisbet.



Dr. Nisbet explained to us how getting outside is also a great stress relief, especially with the upcoming exam season this April.

“Nature has really interesting benefits. It makes us more sensitive and cooperative, helps our problem solving abilities, and helps us manage stress and cope with a lot of the pressures in our every day lives. It connects us to other people and makes us aware of our ecosystem . That makes us feel good. A lot of things that are good for the planet are also good for us.” –  Dr. Lisa Nisbet


The group picked up garbage and disposable products in and around the Trent University trails and walkways for a full two full hours!


And here is the final product 🙂



The group is also headed out on April 7th at 11:00am.


Thank you to the organizers and everyone for their Random Act of Green!




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