An Official Plan helps a municipality plan for the future.

An Official Plan describes your municipal council’s policies on how land in your community should be used. It is prepared with input from you and others in your community and helps to ensure that future planning and development will meet the specific needs of your community.

Did you know that the City of Peterborough is completely rewriting the City’s Official Plan for the first time since 1981? 

Reimagine Peterborough is a community-led initiative that is seeking your input to help guide the redevelopment of the City’s Official Plan.

Together with LEAP Manifesto – Peterborough, they want everyone (including YOU!) to participate in the conversation to design a  new vision for Peterborough. So, what do you want our city to look like in 20 years?


These groups are collecting ideas that will help develop a new road map for our city.

It will help point our city in new directions.

Last Tuesday evening, the Leap Manifesto – Peterborough hosted a meeting to discuss ways to ensure #green initiatives are present in the Official Plan. 8 working groups split up to discuss transportation, environmental protection, and ways to develop our city with nature in mind. Attendees offered their opinions and provided valuable input to “Reimagine Peterborough”.



Reimagine Peterborough led the meeting and touched on several key questions they want the community to think about:

1.How would you like to improve living in the City?

  • What would you like to see: more parks, public spaces, trails,  community gardens?

2.How do you want to improve getting around in the City?

  • What would you like to see: more biking, walking, public transportation options?

3.How can we maintain Peterborough’s unique identity?

  • What would you like to see: think about the downtown core,  our waterfronts,  our arts and culture scene?

4.How do we keep the City #green?

  • Think about how we can promote #green technologies!

5.How can we create jobs?

  • Think about employment & entrepreneurship!

6.How would you like to participate?

  • What ways would you like to participate in conversations? Online? Offline?
  • Think about ways to make it easier for you to speak more openly with City Council or staff and become involved in the conversations taking place across the city.
  • Become involved in an open & transparent dialogue – choose to speak up.


In addition to these important questions, at the meeting Grade 10 student, Kia Douglas, read her poem to help fuel your creative vision for a future Peterborough!

Real Cities
80% of lives in Canada
Are lived within our cities.

Great cities should make it their priority
To improve those livesReal cities teach their population
How to take care of themselves;
How to love themselves,
How to deal with stress,
How to be happy.

All neighbourhoods should spark creativity.
Parents do not raise their kids to be
Part of the crowd.
Every city is unique
Every city needs to be meticulously and lovingly
Planned, cared for.
The way we treat the space around us
Is how we learn to treat ourselves.
We need greenspace to teach us stress relief,
Vegetable gardens to keep our bodies healthy,
Density because we crave human interaction,
Transportation choices to teach us adaptability
A lively downtown because the soul of the city
Is the soul of everyone who lives there.
A sustainable future because our collective child,
Deserves the undisputed best.


Reimagine Peterborough is inviting and collecting ideas that will help  to create a vision for our City.

What kind of sustainable future do you want for Peterborough? Remember that if we work together, we can help achieve the goals outlined in the Greater Peterborough Climate Chance Action Plan.

We can reduce greenhouse gas emissions, lower energy consumption and adapt to a changing climate… all while inspiring #green changes !!





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