What better way to learn about #green initiatives than at the Campus Sustainability Conference???


Last year Trent University’s Green Team hosted the 1st Annual Green Your Campus Competition…AND..it was a HUGE success. 

This year, the Trent University Green Team, Fleming College Office of Sustainability and Fleming Fast Start have partnered up to host the Campus Sustainability Conference taking place on Saturday March 11th. 

Fleming College welcomes YOU (yes, YOU, the Peterborough & Kawartha community!) to attend the conference. Admission to the conference is FREE!!

When: Saturday March 11th
Time:  8:30-5:00pm
Where: 599 Brealey Drive.

The goal of the conference is to brainstorm ideas to improve sustainability on-campus & within the community.  The Conference will feature both the Trent Green Your Campus Competition and the Fleming Two Minute Pitch Competition.

Here are 5 Reasons You NEED to Attend the Campus Sustainability Conference on March 11.

1. Hear Keynote Speaker GORD MILLER 

gord miller.jpg(Source: http://oneia.ca/event-1802889)

Gord  Miller was the former environmental commissioner in Ontario. This is a VERY important #green role in the province because  the commissioner acts as a watchdog  to ensure the provincial government keeps #green promises!  (Needless to say…He is a pretty big #green deal…). He will definitely have some interesting knowledge to share with the PTBO community!

2. See Local College & University students pitch their #green ideas!


Witness first-hand how bright our local PTBO students are and how they are combining their academic research and experience with their passion & hunger for #green change in our community. Students will propose new projects to #green Fleming / Trent campuses and there will be a winner selected for each school from a panel of judges. Students are competing for a chance to win up to $5,000 to implement their projects!

 3. Feed your #green appetite

The conference organizers have worked hard to provide sustainable food choices and are offering a free, local, and vegan lunch catered by Aramark. By reducing meat consumption and shopping local, we can all help reduce our greenhouse gas emissions together. Of course, meals will be served with minimal packaging & reusable materials to help reduce waste!!


4. Attend Informative Workshops & Presentations by Key #Green Leaders

You can look forward to listening to local experts like….

  • Brianna Salmon, Executive Director of Green Up
  • David Belsey, Sustainable Building Faculty at Fleming College
  • Professor Dan Longboat at Trent University

This will inspire you to keep positive, learn more about local initiatives, and apply your newly acquired knowledge into your own life. Who knows..maybe you will feel inspired to get involved with a #green project either at home, work, or play!


5. Network

Meet sustainability champions in our community, learn about opportunities, and engage with new individuals. Meet student champions working on a project and help provide your own expertise. You will be surprised at what you learn!


So bring your #green ideas…

Your #green appetite…

And your #green attitude….

And we will see you on March 11th!