Roses are red…violets are blue…But what is #Green?!

Planning on buying a bouquet of roses this Valentine’s Day for your loved one?

Have you ever considered the environmental costs of that small expression of love?

Sure, the gesture may warm hearts…But it also warms the planet!

Think about it; all the flying and trucking adds thousands of metric tons of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere – contributing to climate change.

And those roses aren’t going to stay fresh by themselves.

They need water, (and lots of it!) to keep them looking plush.

They also need an exorbitant amount of pesticides to keep them fresh.

In fact, because flowers are not edible crops and are exempt from regulations on pesticides, they can carry significantly more pesticides than allowed on food. Pesticides can have a negative effect on air, soil, and water.

Would you like a side of poison with those flowers? Yech!!

And what about the wildlife and habitat that is destroyed to make room for floral plantations? 2000 hectares of agricultural land in Kenya is used for flower cultivation!

Romance, shromance….

That Act of Love might not be the best Act of Green!

Check out these other environmental impacts of Valentine’s Day…infographic.jpg

Source: Dashburst

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