8 #Green Date Ideas



These date ideas will:

  • Save you money…
  • Result in quality time spent with your loved one…
  • Reduce technology screen time…
  • Help you disconnect…
  • Introduce you to something new..
  • Help you #GetOutside
  • Reduce your carbon footprint!

So it is officially “heart month”, where the love is in the air – the birds are singing…

Andd there are plenty of ways to have a #green date with your loved one.


1. Take a really long nature walk

Ditch the car and go for a really, really, REALLY long walk. Make it a three hour trek! Be mindful of what is around you – and maybe try Geo-Caching!

2. Play board games / crosswords together

Even better –  do them outside!

3. Feed the Birds

D’awwww, aint this the cutest? Set up a bird feeder in your backyard, and then grab a glass of wine or your favourite drink and watch as the birds come & eat. 🙂 Your hearts are guaranteed to warm!!


Hide your phones from each other and have a CONVERSATION!!! In order to have a successful date, turn off your phone! Leave it at home, unplugged, uncharged, the battery out== – whatever it takes to get rid of it, make sure you do it!!!

5. Shop for a house plant together

We live in a world where we spend so much time inside! Why not brighten up a room in a house by investing in some house plants to keep you company when your loved one is away?

6. Go stargazing at night

When was the last time you looked “UP” ?  Yes, it is time to think POSITIVE, but also look up at the stars. It makes you feel a bit small, but it is an absolutely mesmerizing experience to take a walk at night and glance through a telescope!

7. Make an Upcycled Craft

There are TONS of do-it-yourself craft ideas out there.  Hop on Pinterest and find one you both agree on. You can recycle old materials and make it into something new! For example, take old t-shirts and make a rug ! Commit to taking some time out of your Valentine’s Day to make it.

8. Plan a breakfast-in-bed meal

Plan appetizers, soup, salad, a main, dessert and then spend the day chatting, stirring, sauteing, and drinking wine.


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