The last thing anyone wants to do is forget a bag of milk …. and then have to rush out to the grocery store again….

That’s why it makes sense to TRIP CHAIN and plan ahead.

Trip chaining is the practice of shopping at multiple places during a single car trip.

For instance, going to the gym, collecting your dry cleaning, dropping off a package at the post office AND picking up the kids up from school – all on your way home from work!!

Mrs. Grocery Peterborough uses trip chaining to the maximum potential.

Mrs. Grocery delivers groceries and other items right to your front door for just $10.00 and 10% of the total bill.


They will shop at any store in Peterborough and surrounding areas and deliver groceries the same day. You can place an order online, and they will shop at local businesses in Peterborough and price match….

And will even remember reusable shopping bags!!!


They shop for multiple people at once, which helps take cars off the road and reduce individual trips to and from common stores.

By strategically planning trips ahead, Mrs. Grocery can help you save time, money and our environment.

Mrs. Grocery is helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions by:

1. Maximizing efficiency of each trip

Mrs. Grocery shops for multiple people at once and trip chains. If many people use Mrs. Grocery, we can help combine short trips together.  If we can take just 3 short trips and place them into one trip every week, we can eliminate about 320km travelled….which saves 10 gallons of gas every year!

2. Reducing cars on the roads

Reduces traffic, pollution, taxi demands, congestion from having various cars driving around running the same errands. By using the Mrs. Grocery car run to run the errands, this helps reduces various vehicles on the road.

3. Reduce vehicle emissions

Emissions are highest when a vehicle is started “cold.” For example, starting an 8km trip when the engine is cold generates about 17% more nitrogen oxides and 50% more volatile organic compounds than the same trip when the car is started warm. By using Mrs. Grocery Peterborough, this can help reduce this problem.

4. Reducing inefficient/unnecessary car trips

Mrs Grocery can help people reduce 5 separate 2km trips. This can reduce same amount of ozone related pollution as eliminating one 22km trip.


Every day schedules are hectic, and as our lives continuously seem to be getting busier….

Mrs. Grocery Peterborough can help you run your errands…and make them just a little bit #greener.

Give them a call today and order your groceries –