Let’s be honest.

Cars give us a sense of personal freedom to go where we want…WHEN we want, and purchasing a car has long been associated with independence, adulthood and autonomy.

When it comes to electric cars, people still want to experience this freedom.

People are still skeptical about electric cars… but… help is on the way! 

Following are some of the perceived barriers to a wider public acceptance of electric vehicles.

  • Car technology: Some people fear that electric car technology has not been around long enough to fully commit to purchasing one.
  • Lack of familiarity: Another reason people shy away from purchasing an electric car is because they simply are not familiar with them. People are not sure where they can take them for maintenance and repairs and are skeptical about their reliability in order to justify the expense.
  • Range Anxiety: Others believe that electric cars just won’t be able to “go the distance” and that their travel options will be limited. People think that an electric vehicle with a fully charged battery will never be able to travel as far as a hybrid or gas engine can.
  • Nowhere to charge: People are afraid there are not enough places to charge their vehicles. After all, gas stations exist in many places, but electric vehicle charging stations are scarce in comparison. Many people are skeptical of electric vehicles because they do not think there are any reliable locations where they can recharge.



Fortunately The City of Peterborough and Peterborough Utilities Group have teamed up with the Ontario Ministry of Transportation to help tackle these barriers!

They have just installed 9, yes NINE, brand new electric vehicle charging stations! People can be rest assured that they can charge their vehicles in the city ….  Christmas has come early this year for #PTBO!

New charging stations at the following locations will be operational very soon:

  • Peterborough Zoo – One level 2 charging station
  • Peterborough Lansdowne Place Mall – One level 2 and one level 3 charging station
  • Peterborough Memorial Centre – One level 2 charging station
  • Peterborough King Street Parking Garage – Two level 2 charging stations
  • Downtown Norwood – One level 2 and one level 3 charging station
  • Downtown Lakefield – One level 2 charging station


The switch to electric vehicles requires a shift in mindset. Individuals in the market for a new or used car should rest assured that committing to electric vehicles is a step in the right direction toward a #greener future.

In order to disrupt our current reliance on gas engines, we need to work hard toward reducing the barriers to electric cars.

The City of Peterborough has taken on this challenge by installing these electric vehicle charging stations as a means to support the Ontario government implement its Climate Change Action Plan.  As a successful applicant to the Electric Vehicle Chargers Ontario (EVCO) grant program, Peterborough Utilities Group is working with the Ontario Ministry of Transportation to address range anxiety and the perception that there is nowhere to charge in Peterborough.

2016 was a monumental year for the electric car in Canada:

  • Canada reached over 28,000 sales nation-wide
  • Ontario published its Climate Change Action Plan, with up to $277 million of cap and trade funds planned for EV initiatives
  • Quebec became the first Province to adopt a ZEV mandate that requires all auto makers to sell a certain percentage of electric cars
  • The 2nd generation electric cars arrived, with larger batteries and longer driving distances

Perhaps next time you or someone you know is looking to purchase a car, the electric vehicle option can be considered and people can become more comfortable with “charging up” the battery instead of “filling up” the tank




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