On Monday November 7th, we attended the City Council Meeting, where Lura Consulting presented an overview of the Climate Change Action Plan to City Councillors.


The Climate Change Action Plan lays the framework to transition toward a new way of thinking….and more importantly, a new way of ACTING, making waves of change for how we live, work, and play.


For instance, did you know that the City has approved a 40% reduction target by 2031?


We love big, green goals!

(After all, you might as well go #green or go home 😉 )

The City of Peterborough is showing true leadership, by walking the #green walk by committing massive “acts of green” to fiercely cut our emissions.


But, what is even MORE exciting, is that the plan is actually being put in place…right now, as you read this!


We want you to meet Kaitlyn Ittermann, who has been hired by The City of Peterborough and Lura Consulting, to implement the Greater Peterborough Climate Change Action Plan…and help accelerate PTBO’s #green agenda.


A big part of Kaitlyn’s job is to reinventory the City’s greenhouse gas emissions record.  Kaitlyn is measuring and monitoring the adaptation and mitigation efforts from various stakeholders in the region so that we can accurately track our #green gains!

Over the years, eight task forces have been hard at work helping shape this plan, including land-use planning, transportation, community energy, waste, natural assets & water, agriculture and food, economic development, and healthy communities. We have already developed our plan and are  way ahead of the crowd!


The outcome has been an aggressive community action plan that outlines how to reduce our environmental impacts in our homes, schools, and at work.

One of the key-take home messages from the meeting was that Peterborough has a strong chance of receiving future funding to invest in bigger, better and #greener projects.

At the meeting, Melanie Kawalec, Sustainability Manager at the City of Peterborough, mentioned that as more funding opportunities become available, we will be able to prioritize projects that will give us the biggest bang for our #green buck!


She mentioned examples such as more electric vehicle charging stations, social housing options and the renewal of some of our downtown streets, such as Bethune Street.

We are excited to bring you more #green news and updates as our City continues to make waves of #green change 🙂

For more information, you can visit http://sustainablepeterborough.ca/.