Raking leaves and placing them in a paper yard bag is a common chore in the fall.

Some people love it (WE DO!!) 


But some people would rather let their leaves lie on their lawn ……

Or push them out to the street…

Do you know just HOW important it is to place your leaves in proper disposal bags for pick up?

Here are 5  Un-Be-LEAF-Able Reasons you should dispose of your leaves properly this fall season.

1) Clogged storm water drains create flooding 

It’s important to keep storm water drains clear for proper drainage! When leaves cover our drains (see below) it can clog sewers. This may cause rainwater to pool on our streets.


2) Wet & Frozen Leaves can create Hazardous Conditions

Once leaves get wet, they can create slippery conditions on our roads and sidewalks. As winter quickly approaches, frozen leaves can also lead to danger. To protect drivers, cyclists, and walkers, it is important to help minimize the risk of accidents by raking your leaves on your property.

leavesonraindropleaves snow.jpg

3) Reduce drivers visibility

Large piles of leaves on the road can impede a driver’s line of sight. This can affect their ability to fully see what’s on the road or sidewalk. Blowing leaves can also reduce a driver’s visibility when it is windy, making it unsafe for children and pets in your neighbourhood. 

pile of leaves.jpg

4) Collecting loose leaves is EXPENSIVE!

Collecting loose leaves that have blown onto our streets is far more expensive than having  a waste truck pick up the bagged leaves (this eats up some of our tax dollars!!!)


5) Happy Neighbours!

If you don’t rake your leaves, you run the risk of having your leaves blow onto your neighbours lawn …… or into their backyard! Respect your neighbour’s property by properly disposing of your leaves with a paper bag  (don’t be a flakey neighbour!)

So make sure you rake your leaves, place them a paper bag and put them out for pick up!!

Please remember that ALL of the leaves that are collected are composted by the City of Peterborough. It is very important that leaves are placed in a PAPER bag.

We urge City of Peterborough residents to remember to rake their leaves this fall and to place them in brown paper bags for proper #green waste disposal. For more information, please visit peterborough.ca/waste