Trent University is 52 years old.

All of the academic achievements have kept the campus bright and healthy, with a great and #green future.

However, some of the campus buildings, have begun to age…

They were built long before energy conservation technology was as good as it is today.

Some buildings on campus are using more energy than is really needed.

That’s why, through the Campus Renewal Partnership, Trent University has teamed up with Ameresco to #green the campus infrastructure!

26 buildings and 126,000 sq mt at both Symons Campus & Traill College will be retrofitted to be more energy efficient.

And this will save energy on campus … in a BIG way.

2,650 metric tonnes of CO2 emissions will be offset…Which is equivalent of taking 563 cars off the road!

The improved infrastructure will enhance comfort, deliver energy savings, and reduce Peterborough’s overall greenhouse gas emissions

Over a two-year construction term, various energy conservation projects will take place.

For instance,
1) New and re-commissioned air handling units (AHU)/variable air volume (VAV) conversions (which drastically improve ventilation and air quality)
2) HVAC control systems/redesign and equipment
3)VSD pumps
4) Heater boilers
5) Domestic hot water (DHW) boiler replacement
6) Electric heat conversion

Great work, Trent University!!