For those not familiar with the Leap Manifesto Movement, we thought we’d give you a little taste of why people seem to be jumping all over it 😉

So basically, The Leap Manifesto is a call for Canada based on caring for each other and the planet. 


All over the world,  groups of local citizens are joining together to implement this Manifesto – and are leaping into action.

This past Thursday at Trinity United Church here in #PTBO, over 100 people gathered to hear keynote speaker, Avi Lewis (local news reporter, music journalist, debate show host, documentary filmmaker, public speaker, and activist) share his thoughts about #greening the planet.



According to Avi, Peterborough is 6 months ahead of any other group in Canada at leading citizen-led initiatives to combat climate change!

We think that is pretty awesome.


Avi told us that “the changes that we make towards climate change will make all of our lives easier and better.  To accomplish this, we need to connect with people and build a more sustainable future – which is in the best interest of everyone, and not just a select group of individuals.”


As a result of the Leap Manifesto many working groups are setting ambitious and achievable goals to help make long lasting changes to shape Peterborough for the better.

Here are some examples

  • Poverty, Equality & Wealth – Specifically basic income, access to local food, community gardens, training in food skills and peer advocacy.
  • Renewable Energy & Conservation – Specifically the review of current energy consumption. At present, Peterborough is being compared to a similar city in Sweden that uses less energy. The working groups are also discussing the potential of solar energy co-ops here in town.
  • Corporate Trade and InvestmentSpecifically examining trade and investments, the potential sale of PDI to Hydro One, and the review of democratic practices.
  • Transforming to a #green economy
  • Green Infrastructure & TransportationSpecifically a review of the official plan with groups like Re-imagine Peterborough and fluent communication with the public.
  • Pollinator Pathways – Specifically pollinator opportunities. Working groups are discussing the loss of bee habitats due to pesticide use and how gardens can be restored. Schools and community groups have joined these efforts and there is an aim is to create 150 gardens for the 150th birthday of Canada!!
  • Sustainability & The Bank of CanadaSpecifically looking at building a more sustainable economic system.
  • Proportional representation in the democratic process.

Real people here at home are working hard to make the world a better place by consistently advocating and fighting for renewable energy, accessible transit, local agriculture systems, and a quicker move away from fossil fuels.


The Leap Manifesto is very important, because it summarizes a number of key objectives to truly charge ahead to a more sustainable and #greener future…Like cleaner air, cleaner water, cleaner energy, and healthier communities.

The Leap Manifesto is a vision for how Canada can tackle climate change and parallels some of the directions outlined in the Greater Peterborough Area Climate Change Action Plan that has been developed through Sustainable Peterborough as a way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


Although we fully endorse individual behaviour, the Leap Manifesto is working toward transformative changes that move far beyond small incremental actions.

We think the group is truly making a big #green leap…

And is doing an outstanding job.