Imagine there was some kind of infinite power source that we could harness to generate energy…

Well, there is..the SUN!


And the future is looking bright with sunlight.


Last week, we joined Melanie Kawalec, Sustainability Manager at the City of Peterborough and Rishi Poddar, Project Manager at Peterborough Utilities Inc.,  for a tour of the solar project atop the Kinsmen Civic Community Centre in #PTBO.

The community centre is home to many sporting events – and it has just made the #green switch to renewable energy.

We got to climb to new #green heights – literally. We climbed 2 ladders and headed up to the rooftop!


At the top were 1544 Solar PV Panels that have been installed by Peterborough Utilities Inc. and the City of Peterborough, with the help of Evergreen Power Ltd., a local EPC contractor based out of Bowmanville.

Since the beginning of August, the Kinsmen Centre has been generating up to 431, 813  watts of  clean #green energy into the local grid.

That is enough power to run 4,310 powered laptops!laptop.jpg

Now THAT’S #greenspirational.

The project took 2 months to install and has an estimated 7-8 year payback. It is generating electricity that feeds right into the grid here in #PTBO.

Solar panels are a great way to combat climate change, as they convert sunlight into energy. Solar energy helps reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and reduces environmental pollution.


Melanie and Rishi also taught us many things that went into the planning process of the Kinsmen Solar Project. Here is what we learned:

1.) The direction of the roof

Ideally, the roof should face the optimal south direction to capture the maximum amount of sunlight. The Kinsmen Solar Project faces the east-west direction, which has a small effect on the total energy output.

2.) The weight of the panels

Some rooftops are simply not designed to hold the extra weight of the panels. The Kinsmen Civic Centre went through plenty of assessments to make sure the roof was strong enough.

3.) The weather!!

Although solar panels can generate a lot of energy, they can be sensitive to cloud cover and certain weather conditions (ahem, the good ol’ Canadian snowfall..)

4.) The cleanliness of the panels

The rooftop has 6 special friends. 6 plastic hawks and owls live on top of the roof to help keep the solar panels clean. Their job is to help scare away seagulls and other birds that might want to do “their business” on the panels.


Thank you to Peterborough Utilities and the City of Peterborough for installing this project and for this great #RandomActofGreen.

RAISE THE ROOF – 3 hoots for solar power!.

raise the roof.gif