Did you know Peterborough was the first city in Canada to use electric streetlights?

We are the Electric City… and have a long history of an electric current! SWITCHING to #green electric vehicle alternatives should come naturally.

And… electric vehicles are shockingly good at watt they do.


This past weekend at the Purple Onion Festival, local community members, like Peterborough Mitsubishi, Peterborough Distribution Inc., the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, and Green Street, were promoting electric transportation.


They were showing off their #green cars and discussing their advantages. Some vendors even allowed visitors at the festival to take the cars out for a #green spin.

Individuals got a real hands-on experience with the electric cars …

And they were AMPED UP about them 😉


Here are some benefits of going electric:

1.) Say good-bye to gas pumps!

Electric cars are entirely charged by the electricity you use at home.

2.) Cheaper than gasoline

Electric cars are easy on your wallet. They are much more inexpensive than gasoline vehicles…especially when you consider the savings in fuel costs.

3.) No emissions.

With zero tailpipe emissions, electric vehicles can help reduce the negative impacts of climate change. They  help reduce our reliance on oil. 


And Peterborough Utilities in partnership with the City of Peterborough are installing SIX charging stations! That’s right, SIX charging stations!! Way to go!

This is all part of the Sustainable Peterborough’s Climate Change Action plan to reduce carbon emissions.



If you aren’t quite sold on an electric car yet,  how about an Electric Bike or Scooter?


There are plenty of #green electric choices down at Green Street that support sustainable travel.

Electric scooters and bikes are far cheaper to buy and are much more affordable than electric cars.

They are easy to recharge and have minimal maintenance – which helps reduce overall maintenance costs.


The move to electric transportation is happening fast-with VOLTS of #green supercharge.

Switching to electric transportation has been recognized by the Sustainable Peterborough’s Climate Change Action Plan as a way to reduce the negative impacts of climate change on our environment and community.

Wire you waiting? Make the #green switch.

Just remember… we are the Electric City, after all ! 🙂