We were at the Selling Local Food to Ontario Workshop that took place in Cavan Monaghan.

In case you couldn’t be there, we have drummed up a short overview about the workshop.

Erica Pate, Direct Farm Marketing Specialist at Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food, begun by explaining some key points.


She discussed that Ontarians are finding it more and more important to source their food as close to home as possible – like right here in Peterborough and the Kawarthas.

According to the 2013 Usage and Attitudes survey in Ontario, Ontarians believe that buying local food is important for several reasons:

1.) It is fresher
2.) It supports local farmers
3.)It is more nutritious……………………..
4.) AND! (drum roll please!!) it is, of course,  #greener (aka- more environmentally friendly)

It is a simple way to combat climate change because it helps reduce transportation emissions. 

But… sometimes it isn’t always easy to source local food.

That’s why local food promoters, are making it easier for YOU.

At the workshop, a number of local food advocates were there representing their services and products.

For example, Locavorest explained how they are connecting local producers and consumers through an innovative online farmers market. 


The Mount Community Center discussed some big #green plans for cultivating a food hub on site, complete with community gardens and space for nutritional food preparation.


Brooke Hammer, of Chimp Treats, was NICE enough to promote her product, Nice Cream, which is made from one ingredient…BANANAS!! Talk about organic!


There are a lot of neat up and coming local food stories..and we can’t wait to tell you more.

For more resources on how you can source local food, please visit the Ontario Local Food Guide.

This workshop has been recognized by the Sustainable Peterborough’s Climate Change Action Plan  as a great way to promote local food vendors in Peterborough and the Kawarthas.

Tag us in a #RandomActofGreen when you purchase local food 🙂

Stay tuned for more #green details 😉