Ever taken the time to explore the beautiful Trent University campus?

Last week, we joined Shelley Strain andĀ Christine Salo on the Trent University #GREEN tour. They showed us some #green reasons that Trent University continuously ranks as one of the TOP environmental schools.

Here are 6 #Green Stops You NEED to Check Out on the Trent Campus

1.) The Seasoned Spoon

This restaurant serves local and fresh food to students and faculty on campus. The Seasoned Spoon grows most of their food right on campus. They also source food from local producers and support sustainable regional agricultural systems.Ā In partnership with the Trent Vegetable Gardens, The Seasoned Spoon is one of the best #green examples of a field-to-table campus food system!!


2.) The Rooftop Gardens

What better way to make use of a roof then grow a garden on top of it?! The vegetable garden is located on the Environmental Science building and they grow fresh vegetables ranging from squash to pumpkins. Who said gardens have to be at ground level?!


3.) The Free Market

Take it or leave it – literally. You can drop off old furniture, clothing, toys, or any other used goods and The Free Market, managed by the Ontario Public Interest Research Group (OPIRG), will make sure it is diverted from landfill. Materials are provided at NO cost and anyone is welcome to take as much as they need. There really is such a thing as a “Free Lunch!!”


4.) The Root Cellar

The Root Cellar is your one-stop-shop to an energy-free fridge. Ā The Root Cellar provides space to properly store large quantities of seasonal produce at harvest time; reduces waste and greenhouse gas emissions associated with long distance transport; and reduces energy by using a solar panel to light the interiors when needed.blog4

5.) Trent Blue Box Program

The Trent Blue Box Recycling program employs community members with disabilities Ā to help out with waste diversion on campus. This team is a really important as they help ensure that all waste is properly separated. A great way to promote a #greener campus!


6.) Bike Repair Stations

Trent University has installed several Bike Repair stations in partnership with B!KE. This is very exciting for cyclists who ride to and from campus. This provides riders with comfort because they know that they can fix their bikes if they need to.



Thank you Christine & Shelley for taking us on a #Green Tour.

We loved every #green minute of it!