September means new beginnings…

And new habits!

Think you can commit one of these

#RandomActsofGreen this fall?

1.) “Upcycle” School Supplies

Pens, markers, pencils, erasers, paper clips, sticky notes, binders and scissors tend to accumulate in households over the years.


Before you rush out to the store to purchase new school supplies, take an inventory of what is left over from last year… do you really need more? Can you fix anything?

2.) Waste-Free Lunch 


Make it a habit this September to pack lunches in reusable containers.

You can even fill reusable bottles with water or juice – take part in the #ReusableRevolution 😉

Another tip is to try and eliminate the use of plastic bags! If plastic cannot be avoided,  you can hand-wash  and #reuse them many times and recycle them afterwards. 

3.) Encourage Cafeterias to purchase local food

September is Local Food month.

If your bored of the same old caf-food, try and get involved.


Have a discussion with the cafeteria about connecting with local farmers to help source local food and promote healthy and sustainable lunches. 

4.) Go Paperless! 

Make it your #green goal to only print when necessary.

If it isn’t possible, ensure paper is printed on 100% recycled paper.

eReaders and tablets are an excellent way to encourage children to use them for school assignments.



5.) Green your wardrobe

Shop in vintage or thrift stores, for your new fall look – you will be AMAZED at what you find. Just take some advice from Macklemore!


You can even arrange a clothing swap with friends.

6.) Transportation

Use school or public buses when possible.


If you must drive, arrange to carpool and ensure your vehicle has a fall tune up, including an oil change and tire check up to ensure that it is not releasing more emissions than it has to. Encourage children to walk or bike to school.


 If you have your own #green Back to School Tips, take a selfie and send them to us.

We want to hear about it! 😉