5 Ways To Be Successful at Backyard Composting in #PTBO

5 Ways To Be Successful at Composting in #PTBO

Food waste is a large portion of the average Canadian’s household waste – and it doesn’t belong in the garbage.

Did you know that you can divert a large portion of food waste by using a backyard composter?

Backyard composting is one of the simplest changes you can make to your daily routine to go #green.

AND! It is easier than you think.

We have created the below list to help beginners get started TODAY.

1.) Ensure that your composter gets sun for at least half the day! Compost organisms like a little sun to stay happy and active 😉


2.) Chop organics into smaller pieces.The smaller they are, the quicker they decompose!

Keep calm and CHOP CHOP CHOP!chopchop

3.) Stir the contents every few weeks… and be sure to mix it up! The bugs need oxygen to stay alive. 


4.) Water your composter every once-in-a while!
If it’s too dry, the food materials won’t decompose … but make sure it isn’t too wet, either!


5.) Add some dry carbon-rich materials with the food, like dry leaves, dry grass, or shredded paper.


If you follow the above #green tips…

You will get nice dark compost in 12-18 months.


If these tips seem overwhelming, have no fear!

You can still #go green.

Simply purchase a composter and use it as a waste diversion strategy – no maintenance required!

Just place your food waste into the composter, and VOILA! You’re done.

In a few years, this material will magically turn into compost 🙂

This will help keep food waste and organic material OUT OF THE GARBAGE – a great #RandomActofGreen.

You can purchase a composter from the City of Peterborough.

Visit peterborough.ca/waste for more details.




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