These at-home container gardening systems are coming to a home NEAR YOU!

Meet Laurin Fulton, a woman on a #green mission.

Her company, Vegetable Designs, develops vegetable garden systems…for your kitchen!

These special gardens are designed to conveniently bring fresh specialty lettuce and herbs into the comfort of your home.


Laurin has designed an at-home container vegetable gardens to keep her “rooted”.

She calls it the 0-Mile Diet! There is no running out to the local grocery store for some ingredients…which can help  you reduce your carbon footprint 🙂


Laurin claims that her new vegetable gardening systems will allow the most inexperienced gardener to grow a #green thumb.

Growing your own food in your kitchen can help save money and encourage cooking with fresh and #green ingredients.

winter harvest

Just imagine the satisfaction of picking your own greens right from your kitchen! The best part is, you know exactly how it is grown.

The convenient vegetable-container garden system is designed with a self-watering container. This system includes a “mini container” under the soil with drainage holes that slowly sucks up the water from the base reservoir as the plant needs it.


Over watering, which causes “root-rot” and plants to die, is a major problem for a lot of new gardeners.

However, this system allows for extra water to sit in the reservoir instead of drowning the roots!

Laurin’s at home gardening system is also made with repurposed materials, including recycled wood and containers from local ice cream parlors.


Laurin says that people  can connect with nature at home through the vegetable container systems. It is also a great way to encourage young children to get involved with growing their own food at an early age!

These at-home vegetable containers can also have  positive and therapeutic effects,as you get to be a part of nature in your own home.

 Laurin has also developed a “plant-swap” program that allows people to turn in their old containers after the last harvest, and purchase a new young plant – just like the beer-store deposit program. This eliminates any waste for the customer, which is an ideal example of a closed-loop recycling system!

selfie with chives

Laurin’s goal is a humble one.

She wants to bring healthy foods out of rural areas …. And into the urban home. She says that the idea is to have a “continual harvest”, all seasons – all the time…which is the ultimate sustainable food system 🙂 

She believes that the sustainability movement is about making small changes – and we agree.



Thank you Laurin for this really interesting idea and for having the courage to design these at-home container gardening systems!

Laurin has been endorsed by Sustainable Peterborough  as a part of the Climate Change Action Plan.