In Peterborough, Ultimate Frisbee is one of the most popular sports… and perhaps one of the #greenest!

The Peterborough Ultimate League has created a competition called the Carbon Flip.


The objective of the competition is to challenge each team to REDUCE their carbon footprints by reducing travel emissions to and from their games.


The teams encourage each other to bike, walk, or carpool to the their Frisbee matches.

bike walk cycle

Teams organize carpooling geographically with a driver picking up any teammate who live near them – and, it’s competitive!



The team with the highest percentage of “no drivers” wins the “coin flip” at the start of the game.

At the end of the season, the team who has the best carbon flip record wins a prize.

In past years, it has been a pizza party sponsored by Steamwhistle and the Night Kitchen or a half rate fee for the following summer season.

pizza party

Once you go #Green, you never go Back.

The Peterborough Ultimate Frisbee League also runs a tournament each year called EcoDisc.


The goal of #EcoDisc is to have a large Frisbee tournament – with a small carbon footprint!

EVERYONE has to bike or take the bus to the tournament.

The tournament has also banned all food with plastic wrappers to encourage athletes to bring snack food in Tupperware and reusable containers.


This is an amazing #Green Initiative.

And it is recognized by the Sustainable Peterborough Climate Change Action Plan as an innovative way to reduce carbon emissions!

Visit for more information.

Thank you to the Peterborough Ultimate Frisbee League for their amazing #RandomActofGreen.