The technology to manufacture recycled outdoor furniture from #plastic scrap has improved tremendously over the years.


Recycled plastic benches are beginning to replace traditional wooden benches! The back and seating portion of the bench in the photo is made with 100% pure recycled plastic.

In fact, the demand for recycled plastic picnic tables and benches is getting so strong, that manufacturers sometimes face a shortage of plastic scrap.

This is a great and #green news.

This is a perfect example about how important it is to take the time to properly separate and sort your recyclable materials.


Recycling can help reduce the need to extract raw materials from natural resources to create these outdoor products.

By purchasing products made with recycled plastic, this completes the valuable recycling loop and makes the process more sustainable.


In addition, picnic tables made from recycled plastics are a great example of a way to encourage people to get #outside.  People can also have a better understanding of what their recyclable materials can turn into when they experience a real world example! Here is how you can improve your recycling efforts.

Using outdoor products made from recyclable materials is a great and #green way to enjoy our beautiful natural environment.

Keep recycling when possible  – and have a great and #green day!