We joined Katie Wood from the City of Peterborough.


We learned about some of the most common recycling mistakes that people tend to make at the curb in Peterborough.

We put together this short list to educate people about best recycling practices.

3 Common Recycling Mistakes in #PTBO

1) Coffee Cup LIDS.

coffeecup lid

The City of Peterborough would like to remind people that coffee cup LIDS are NOT recyclable.

2.) Styrofoam


The City of Peterborough would like to remind residents that Styrofoam is NOT recyclable. Please don’t place it in your blue boxes.

3.) Mixed film plastic placed in containers bin

Film plastics belong in the “PAPER” bin…NOT the “CONTAINERS” bin.

Click here for more information about waste management in the City of Peterborough.

Plastic bags 1.jpg

Here is a good and #green example!








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