You probably have pet peeves.

Maybe it’s your spouse leaving the toilet seat up or your room mate not emptying the dishwasher.

But do you have any #green peeves?

Here are 10 of our #green peeves!

  1. Toilet paper rolls in the garbage (they ARE recyclable!)tolietpaperoll

  2. Toothpaste packaging boxes. Why the box??? It already has a tube 🙁 toothpastebox

  3. Bananas in a plastic bag. Why the bag?!?!dolebanana

  4. Coffee K-Cups!!!!


  5. Leaving a light on when no one is in the room.


  6. When items get placed into a plastic bag without being asked if one is needed.bringyourown

  7. Driving to work on a nice day when you have the ability to walk or cycle.biketowork

  8. Plastic water bottles.plasticbottle

  9. Styrofoam restaurant take-home containers.styrofoam

10. Negative Neds (AKA. people who say small changes don’t add up!)


Any to add?


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