I grew up in the suburbs.

We didn’t have a cottage and my parents were never big campers.

However, every summer as a kid, I will always remember the trips that my dad planned to Christie Lake.


We would wake up early in the morning, and he would drive 45 minutes to the site.


He would take my sisters and I, as well as our friends, there to fish, swim, toss a Frisbee and spend an entire day outside.

We’d get dirt cheap hot dogs and my dad would always make us put the worm on the hook.


I have 2 sisters and we were always super grossed out by that!

I can still hear some of the silliest screams and screeches when we caught a fish.

My Dad was always first to teach us the ways, and some of my best summer days were spent fully outdoors, enjoying the natural environment.

Thanks Dad – for all the trips to Christie Lake – and for everything you do!

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