6 Things to Recycle in Peterborough on Environment Day


This year is the 6th Annual City of Peterborough’s Spring Environment Day!

This year, Environment Day is on Saturday May 14th from 9:00am-1:00pm
at 791 Webber Avenue (by the Value Village).


You can recycle some common household items….


 Here is a list of 6 household items that are recycled at the City of Peterborough’s Environment Day.

1) CD’S, Video & Audio Casettes, DVD’s and Vinyl Records

Remember these?!?

You can recycle them  (including the plastic cases!) on May 14th.

2) Used Electronics


You can bring back ANY electronic item AND any electrical item with a cord, folks!

That includes: cables, TV’s, CPU’s, printers, digital cameras, cell phones, chargers, computer monitors, keyboards, toasters, kettles, and hair dryers!

3) Scrap metal


You can recycle old BBQ’s, bicycles, lawn mowers, pots, pans, and hangers!
Anything metal will be accepted!

4) Hardcover books

Do you have big chunky, shelf hogging Encyclopedia’s or textbooks collecting dust?
You can recycle these heavy books on Environment Day!
The covers will even be removed for you — What service!!!!!!

5) Paper


Crime Stoppers will be at the event to shred any personal papers for you.
Leave the paper shredding to the professionals!

6) Car seats


Do you have a use for those old used car-seats anymore?
Don’t know what to do with them?
Bring them to Environment Day on May 14th and they will be recycled!

And…here are some things you CAN purchase at the event:


  • Screened compost (maximum of 2 x 5-gallon pails)
  • Blue boxes ($3.00 incl. tax)
  • Composters ($25.00 incl. tax)
  • Blue in the Loo ($2.00 incl. tax)

For more information, visit: http://www.peterborough.ca/waste

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