Jo Anne’s Place is so ECO-Logical!


Julia Luymes explains:

“Our team at Jo Anne’s Place Health Foods believes that by investing in the ‪#‎environment‬, we are investing in ourselves and our future.

Any products that fail to sell are given to Brock Mission Cameroon House, or to staff members and their families. We take the time to ‪#‎recycle‬ and we give our ‪#‎organic‬ food waste to people who are interested in using it as fertilizer, compost, or animal feed.

We provide used boxes and biodegradable bags for packing and encourage customers to remember to bring their cloth bags or baskets. We stock as many eco-friendly products as we can.
On top of all that, many of our amazing staff walk, bike, or carpool to work in an effort to conserve fuel!”

Jo Anne’s Place Health Foods understands that we need to act now, not tomorrow.

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